What is the Galvalume steel ?

Release time:2019-09-09

2.1 55%Galvalume alloy coatings

Aluminum zinc composition control, coating containing 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc, 1.5% silicon, the alloy products, aluminum zinc products and hot dip galvanized production process is the same.

2.2 55%Galvalume alloy structure

2.3 Characteristic of 55% galvalume alloy coatings

2.3.1Coating characteristics

Corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance heat reflection, easy to form

2.3.2 Comparison of GI with GL

Corrosion resistance of the same coating thickness: GL =2~6× GI

High temperature oxidation resistance, thermal reflection

2.4  55%Galvalume type surface treatment


2.4.2Oiled O

2.4.3Chromate + OiledCo

2.4.4Chromate-free C5

2.4.5Chromate-free + Oiled Co5


2.4.7Anti-fingerprint + Chromate-freeAF5


2.5  Application of galvalume products

2.5.1  Building materials

2.5.2  Barrel

2.5.3  High-strength steel

2.5.4  Household appliances

2.5.5  Satellite antenna and so on.

Next time we will talk about the Color-coated steel for you.

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