Selection of the color-coated products

Release time:2019-10-09

Color plate use environment to comprehensively consider the atmosphere corrosion and possibly the corrosion of the atmosphere in the form of sound, the key factors are: corrosion medium type, concentration, xiang wet time.

Specific material selection should be based on the specific use of color board external environment, internal environment to determine comprehensively.

Common corrosion factors include sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen fluoride, chloride, industrial dust, temperature, chemicals, sediment microorganisms, mechanical damage, and other interactive materials. As for the choice of hot plating of pure zinc or hot plating of aluminum zinc, it mainly depends on the use of the environment of acidity and alkalinity. Zinc and aluminum are both amphoteric metals, but they behave differently in acids and bases. The performance of pure zinc in alkaline medium is better than that of al - zn alloy.

The reverse is true in pickling media. Therefore, it is recommended to use aluminum-zinc color coating in relatively acidic environment and hot-plated pure zinc color coating in relatively alkaline environment. According to use experience, wet wood, concrete, do not contact the aluminized zinc substrate for a long time.

The performance requirements of painted plates mainly have the mechanical properties of materials (tensile strength, yield strength, elongation), coating performance (coating type, coating thickness and coating adhesion) and coating performance (coating varieties, color, gloss, durability, processing performance, etc.). 

Among them, wind resistance, impact resistance, snow resistance, earthquake resistance and other materials are related to the mechanical properties, of course, and thickness, tile, span, purlin distance, color plate durability, processing performance and appearance maintenance is mostly determined by the durability of coating and coating.

The type of substrate and the weight of coating are the main factors affecting the corrosion resistance of painted plate. High corrosive environment should use good corrosion resistance, coating weight of the substrate.

The mechanical properties of the painted plate are usually replaced by the mechanical properties of the substrate. When color rolls have special bearing, span deformation, stamping requirements, to consider the impact of mechanical properties, thickness and production time, to pay attention to color coating technology, storage time will affect the possibility of processing creasing.

Compared with hot dip galvanized color roll, hot dip galvanized zinc for building, better performance in corrosion resistance. In acid, high humidity and heat, high corrosion, heavy pollution areas, it is recommended to choose aluminum zinc color roll, should not choose ordinary hot dip galvanized color roll, especially for roofing board use. It is important to note that aluminized zinc rolls should be carefully used in alkaline environments (zinc and aluminum are both amphoteric metals, but their performance in acid and alkali is still different. The performance of pure zinc in alkaline medium is better than that of al - zn alloy. The reverse is true in pickling media.

High corrosion resistance is not normally taken into account for thin coatings on the back. When the internal industrial environment, day and night temperature difference, easy to condensation and other corrosive atmosphere, the back should choose coating layer, thick coating film color coating board, coating types and colors can also be diverse choice;When the color roll foam, bonding insulation material use, should choose epoxy back paint. Some environmental requirements color board has good solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, pollution resistance, user orders should be made special instructions.

Color-coated color difference by color depth, different luster, use time, environment, coating structure, coating film thickness, coating type, observation Angle, use and other factors. In the production and use process may appear color difference. If customers have strict requirements on color difference, special request should be made. To same project, user should choose same manufacturer, with coating structure, kind, the color that asks is rolled, avoid color roll to mix use, positive or negative occurrence contrast color difference, avoid because coating is inferior change differ, old and new board luster appears contrast color difference.

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