The GI/GL , PPGI/PPGL transport, storage, handling

Release time:2019-10-15

1.Color coating plate should be kept away from strong acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent and other corrosive substances, shall not be mixed with the above characteristics of the material transport.

2.Color-coated roll storage to maintain ventilation; Avoid soaking in rain;

Avoid large temperature difference between cold and warm places, easy to condensation; Avoid placing the coil directly on wet land, gravel, gravel, uneven floor, etc. If exposed storage is really necessary, be sure to cover the waterproof cloth, maintain ventilation, shorten the storage period, prevent moisture into the packaging or rolling gap. Because of water once into the steel coil, the passage of time will pass through the coating film, cause the substrate white rust, the formation of film bulge, processing paint.

3.Transport, handling, stacking, pay attention to check the direction of color roll uncoiling, to comply with the label state on the package, do not easily upside down the steel coil, remove the packaging with wood off the shelf.

4.Coating damage is easy to cause color plate rust. When handling and storing color rolls, care should be taken to prevent the coating from being damaged. Common forms of coating damage are: crane impact, coating pollution, collision, embossing, stacking deformation, lock extrusion, shaking friction, hard rubber shoe trample.

5.In case of the need of ocean transportation, the customer shall give special instructions and both parties shall confirm the packing conditions.

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