Maintenance of color-coated

Release time:2019-11-05

1.Color-coated plate processing, installation, found coating damage, should be timely brush repair or spray repair the same color special coil steel repair paint, to prevent the rapid rust, corrosion of the damaged coating surface.

2.The iron filings, copper filings, industrial dust, metal particles, water retention and other easily cause coating corrosion to accelerate, users found that should be promptly organized to clean, clean, remove. If rust spots are found on the coating, polish and repair the paint in time. Before painting, remove the polished iron powder, apply the anti-rust primer in a clean and dry state, and then apply the special repair topcoat of steel coil of a certain thickness.

3.To prevent roofing corrodes thing to stay for a long time, in seaside and industrial pollution area, the user often USES to roofing board clean means to maintain, should pay attention to when cleaning, do not use decontamination powder or industrial scour.

4.After the use of a certain number of years, due to sunshine, rain, oxidation and other factors, coating inevitably appear powder and other deterioration. In order to maintain the service life of the building structure, it is a good choice to reapply the paint. When the powdering surface of the painted plate becomes gray is the best time for repainting, repainting repair as far as possible in the dry period with less moisture.

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