Processing, installation, use of the color coated product

Release time:2019-10-21

Color-coated roll processing use, the user should carefully do product appearance, surface quality, marking inspection. If no objection is raised after the first unpacking and processing by the user, the product identification and appearance quality of both sides shall be deemed to be qualified; If any abnormality is found, it should be stopped immediately and contact the supplier.

Customer processing, should pay attention to check the direction of uncoiling. Usually, the outside appearance of the color roll for the processing of the front. For epoxy surface, users should not use it with sunshine to prevent abnormal powdering.

Color coating plate roll molding, coating thickness, finished product thickness, etc., to do the appropriate processing roller clearance inspection; Remove metal chips, iron particles, grease and other foreign matters on the roller surface and supporting plate in time; Check the surface quality of both sides of the painted plate before and after molding, avoid burr, particle scratch, tile paint off, adhesion foreign matter, involved in grease and so on. Attention should be paid to check that the shape of the bite can be strictly consistent, if there is any abnormality, should find out the cause and take measures before continuing processing. To reduce the influence of crack, peel and embrittlement in low temperature bending process.

When high requirements for color roll processing surface, users can pre-add a layer of protective film on the color roll surface before processing. Protective film can be formed and processed, but should be removed in time after construction. Otherwise, the time is too long, the protective film is not easy to peel.

When cutting, stamping and other machines and tools are maintained, the lubricant that causes the film to expand, melt and change color should not be used.

Color tile processing principle without cutting machine, electric circular saw cutting. If use must avoid cutting high temperature metal powder adhesion coating film, because metal powder, iron powder is very easy to lead to color coating board surface corrosion and rust, poor appearance.

Avoid dragging, scraping, scratching and scalding when installing the painted plate to prevent folding and depression; After installation, the roof screws, iron scraps, particles should be cleaned in time to prevent the corrosion source of color plates.

Color-coated plate is not suitable for welding, can bite, riveting, bolt connection. To the overlap bite, as tight as possible, to prevent moisture infiltration or long stay, do not use clamp easily, so as not to damage the coating; To the color plate joint, should pay attention to use silica gel, asphalt and other materials to seal, sealing materials should be neutral, to prevent acid and alkali damage to the coating film.

Roofing or exterior wall color tile with bolt connection fixed, to choose special bolt material, bolt fixed to moderate torque. The screw hole should be sealed with waterproof material, prevent rain infiltration, stay, accelerate the surrounding coating damage and rust.

10 Because of the characteristics of the substrate, hot dip galvanized color coating board incision, punching place easy to rust. Cutting, drilling processing, should be reduced as far as possible edge; Users should pay attention to the protection if they have strict requirements for cutting rust prevention. The measures are: incisions hidden place, protective coating, embedded seal and so on.

11 Installation Angle, there are pores on the coating surface of color plate, and water retention for a long time will reduce the adhesion of coating film.It is recommended that the installation slope of color coating plate is no less than 15 degrees.

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